Where do you buy a treadmill?

A lot of people ask where they can buy a treadmill and it’s summed up into 2 answers. You can find a treadmill for sale in stores or online. Now the question is… should you buy it in stores or online? Below are the pros and cons of buying a treadmill in a store and online.

Purchasing a treadmill in a store:

Pros: You can see and test out the treadmill.

Cons: More expensive and inconvenient to take home.

It is nice to be able to see the running machine in person, but the cost is usually a lot more than treadmills online. It is also inconvenient to have to take it to your house since they are relatively large and heavy and most people don’t have a vehicle that it will fit in. Some stores do deliver it for you, but a lot of them want a fee for doing so.

Purchasing a treadmill online:

Pros: Better treadmill for a better price, delivered straight to your door, and a larger variety of options.

Cons: You can’t see or test out the running machine.

Unfortunately, when purchasing a treadmill online, you can’t try it out. However, you usually always get a better deal and it’s usually a better treadmill. You also have a bigger variety to choose from, so it can fit your budget much easier. Lastly, you receive the treadmill straight to your door, so you don’t have to pay for the additional fees.

Conclusion: It seems as if purchasing online is a better option since you get a better treadmill for a better price delivered straight to your door without paying the extra fees. Right here you can find a large variety of treadmill for sale ranging anywhere from $157-$1,399 delivered straight to your door with free shipping. The basic model is a treadmill anyone can afford if the budget is a concern.

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